'Pick me up' Book Box

'Pick me up' Book Box


A book box filled with three new books designed to 'pick you up' during tough times or a life change. The books chosen are a combination of childhood classics, old favourites and new releases that can help guide you through challenging times.


Types of books chosen in this book box include:

- Childrens classics such as 'Little House on the priarie', 'Peppermint Pig', 'The Earthsea trilogy', Michael Morpurgo etc.

- Different views on life- e.g autobiographies such as Patricica Atkinson's 'Ripening Sun', a story about wine growing in France, Richard Bach's 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull'  or Nikos Kazantzakis 'Zorba the Greek'

- Wise, light reading e.g Cathy Kelly, Erica James


Based on your reading preferences, I will work with you to tailor your Gift Book Box within this genre to make sure you receive the perfect gift!


This book box comes complete with personalised gift note & Kilner jar filled with hot chocolate and marshmellows. All books come gift wrapped in recycled wrapping paper and hand tied with British Twool yarn. Delivery is free in the UK.


  • Returns Policy

    Our aim is for you to love the books you receive. However, if you do not- that's ok, just email rebecca@thoughtfulbooksubscription.co.uk and we will aim to make it right. 

  • Personal Preferences

    Our aim is to choose books that are right for the recipient. If you would like to provide more detail on your reading preferences please email rebecca@thoughtfulbooksubscription.co.uk and we can work together to get the right subscription for you.