Dance like Zorba!

I have re-read the famous ‘Zorba the Greek’ recently and, as clichéd as it sounds, found rather more meaning in my reading of it as a 20 something adult, as opposed to a wet behind the ears teenager.

What jumps, quite literally, out of the pages is Zorba’s passion. His passion for life, eating, drinking and women and the knowledge that life is nothing without passion. I liked how the days were framed around hard work, followed by the little joys in life, talking, eating bread and drinking wine and swimming in the sea. When I recall my own happiest moments, they fit well with Zorba’s definition of happiness. After re-visiting the book it also emphasised to me how un-passionate and un-joyful we as humans often are. I drove through town at rush hour recently and everyone I saw looked sad or miserable, or dejected or distracted. No one looked happy or joyful- no one came near the passion that Zorba exudes on every page.

A wise person once told me ‘Keep doing what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you always got’. I KNOW that to be true, but, like many of us I expect, I still do the same things every day and STILL wonder why nothing changes. So, my challenge now is to try and find some of that joy, that passion, that excitement and live it in my ordinary life. I want to both live life and read about it- not just one or the other.

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