Anything is possible?

I loved this book!

“Anything is Possible” is a collection of short stories about a small American town and the people who live in it. It follows the different life choices taken by two sisters, the struggle a school janitor faces, the mother and daughter relationship and a homecoming after a long period of absence.

The book focuses on people in all walks of life and asks the question why they have lived the lives they did. It also looks at the seemingly inconsequential turning points in life and how these can alter the course of a lifetime. What I liked most about the book was that it touched on the poignancy of the unsaid things and the complexity of human emotions that most times books just don’t capture, but are ever present in life.

My favourite quote from the book is “this was the skin that protected you from the world—this loving of another person you shared your life with” which I thought was very true. I also liked the truth of the story and how, in little moments, you can feel wise beyond your years, or feel like a child again. The following quote I also thought was poignant- “And for a moment Annie wondered at this, that her brother and sister, good, responsible, decent, fair-minded, had never known the passion that caused a person to risk everything they had, everything they held dear heedlessly put in danger—simply to be near the white dazzle of the sun that somehow for those moments seemed to leave the earth behind.”

Overall, I think Elizabeth Strout has great depth and insight into the human condition and if you like wise books about people, this is definitely worth a read.

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