Homecoming by Cathy Kelly- As it says on the tin

Homecoming is a satisfying chick-lit novel from Cathy Kelly. It has her usual breadth of characters, including Eleanor who is mourning the loss of her husband, Megan who is hiding from the paparazzi after an ill-considered affair, Rae who is terrified of her lifelong secret being revealed and Connie who has given up on finding love, without neglecting an array of siblings, aunts, in laws, daughters, friends and husbands that these women interact with.

In my view Cathy Kelly does have her place on everyone’s bookshelf, she creates likeable, relatable characters and stories which are set in pretty, sheltered places where nothing too bad happens that can’t be settled with a nice hot cup of tea. She does escapism very well, but I tend to think her books a little vanilla. Still, worth a read if you want an easy, straightforward and uplifting read.

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